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important assets

Make sure the kids are protected during all of your family legal matters. Let our office take the guesswork out of the legalities and help keep your family together.
Adoption & Guardianship
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Looking to adopt? Are you considering giving your unborn

child a better life through adoption?

The decision to place an unborn child for adoption is an act of pure, unselfish love. Her desire to give her child a chance at a better, happier life with a family who wants nothing more than to open their hearts and home to her child, is to be commended. We want to ensure that the rights of all parties involved - the birth mother, the adoptive family, and the unborn child - are all protected and that the best interests of the unborn child are being looked after. You need our 20+ years of experience on your side throughout the adoption and / or legal guardianship process. Call our office today for a FREE consultation.

You're an angel. Protect yours and your ward's rights

There are numerous instances in which someone becomes a legal guardian for another, such as a tragic event, court-appointed, disability and incapacity. Your status as a legal guardian grants you legal rights to support you as you manage the personal and / or property interests of your ward. You may have to handle the finances of your ward, as well. If you do, you will be required to give a bond of surety in order to protect the ward in the event of dishonesty or incompetence on your part that causes the ward to suffer financial loss. These legalities can become quite complex, so it's best to have an experienced attorney in your corner, making sure everything is handled correctly, legally, and that both you and your ward are protected.
Adoption & Guardianship