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The obligations to your

child(ren) don't end just

because your marriage does

Your child(ren) has physical, emotional, and financial needs that must be maintained. We will help you get the financial support that's needed.
Child and Spousal Support
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Your child(ren) shouldn't be made to suffer

Protect your child(ren) from needless suffering because one parent or the other refuses to maintain their financial responsibility to the child(ren) out of spite, malice, or an inability to pay. While both parents are responsible for the loving care and financial support of their offspring resulting from the marriage, the parent who does not have primary custody is the parent who is typically ordered to pay child support. Your child support orders during a marital action are considered separate from the legal marital proceedings. The order for support also remains in effect until the child(ren) become of the age of legal adulthood. Some of the factors that go into the judge's decision for child support are: The amount of time each parent has with the child(ren) Earning ability or the income of both parents Tax benefits the parents are allowed to claim Paycheck deductions from the parents income And more If you need an order for temporary support due to extenuating or emergency circumstances, we will help you - and your child(ren) - get the financial support you need.

Look out for your best interest and receive the spousal

support you deserve

While spousal support is not mandatory with your legal separation or divorce proceeding, we will draw upon our 20+ years of experience and fight hard to win a spousal support award for you. You might be able to get awarded attorney's fees that will allow you to retain competent legal representation with Donald B. Griffith. The following reasons are some of the concerns uppon which a spousal support order is based: Public assistance Abilities to pay and respective needs Standard of living during the marriage / partnership And more