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Don't deprive them of their continuous relationship with their father or mother. If you are being deprived of seeing your child(ren), you need to call Donald B. Griffith today.
Child Custody and Visitation
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Who will your child(ren) live with?

With the dissolution of your marriage, you and your separated spouse need to seriously discuss and establish who the child(ren) is going to live with most of the time. Legal custody must not be confused with physical custody. Legal custody is concerned with which parent is going to have the right to decide for the safety, welfare, health, and education of the minor(s). Physical custody is concerned with which parent the minor(s) are going to physically be with most of the time. Attorney Donald B. Griffith has been involved in child custody and visitation cases for more than 20 years. Give him a call today and discuss the details of your case during a FREE consultation.

Your child still needs to spend time with both of you

Your separation or divorce is between you and your spouse only. You haven't separated or divorced your child(ren). Undoubtedly they may be feeling very vulnerable, frightened, uncertain, sad, and perhaps even guilty or angry because of the upheaval the dissolution of the marriage has caused. Don't make your child(ren) choose between his or her parents. They still need to see, interact, and spend quality time with both parents. If you are the primary custodial parent, you need to make sure yours, and your child(ren)'s, rights are protected. If you are the non-custodial parent, you are also obligated to protecting your child(ren), along with your visitation rights. Attorney Donald B. Griffith can help to protect all rights while also ensuring the best interests of the child(ren) are at heart.