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Divorce is a difficult and stressful time

Ending a marriage is a time of uncertainty and vulnerability

When you're going through the process of separation and obtaining a legal divorce, it's a very chaotic, confusing, and stressful process that can have you feeling quite vulnerable and uncertain of the future. You are not alone and making sure that you and your child(ren)'s rights and properties are protected is a very important step in the process. We'll stand by your side and fight to ensure that your rights are fiercely protected. We're here to relieve as much of the stress for you as we possibly can. Annulment Property division Legal separations

Don't let the complexity of family law get you down

It's easy to get mired down and depressed when your marriage is coming to a final end. You're confused further by the complexities of family law and the legal process as a whole in general. Whether your situation is simple or complex, you should consider hiring our attorney who is a certified specialist in family law. You need an attorney who's committed to maintaining his or her proficiency through continual practice and continuing education. Our practice is limited to strictly specializing in all matters focused on family law. You need to have 20+ years of experience in your corner today. Cohabitation agreements Family court representation Pre- and post-nuptial agreements And more