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Reach a fair and peaceful agreement. Call our office today so you can begin resolving your family law conflict mutually through our mediation services.
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Are you willing to work together to reach a resolution?

If all parties involved are willing to work together to reach a mutual agreement, it may be possible to preserve amicable interaction between both parties, which is a major benefit with cases that involve children. There are many benefits to using mediation to settle your family law dispute or dissolution of your marriage such as: Mediation is private and confidential vs public court hearings Agreed upon mediation terms are enforceable in a court of law Compliance with the mediated agreement is usually high Mediated cases takes less time to resolve, thereby reducing cost Attorney Donald B. Griffith has been certified by the Riverside Mediation Panel as a certified mediator. Call us today and see how mediation can be beneficial to you.

Put your child(ren) first

When it comes to family law and life-altering transitions, such as, divorce, separation, custody, etc, it's the children who get lost in the shuffle and suffer the most. You want to be the best role model possible for your child(ren), so seriously consider setting aside your differences to work together and reach a peaceful resolution. We can help, give Donald B. Griffith's law office a call today.