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The divorce rate is very high these days and you need to make sure that your assets are legally protected before you get married and your property suddenly becomes "community" property.  Get a FREE initial consultation today. Make an appointment for a FREE initial consultation.
Pre-Maritals Agreements - “Pre-Nups”
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that your property, finances, and investments are protected and remain yours legal in the event of a dissolution of the relationship or marriage. Pre-marital agreements aren't just applicable to finances and property, but the agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties prior to the marriage taking place. In order for your pre-marital agreement to be valid, it must be drafted and signed prior to marriage. There are also some elements of the contract that are required for it to be valid, and those are: The agreement cannot be unconscionable The agreement must be executed voluntarily There must be full and / or fair disclosure at the time of execution The agreement must be in writing. Oral pre-nups aren't enforceable The agreement must be executed by both parties and acknowledged before a notary public.

Is a pre-marital agreement right for you?

Only YOU can answer that question, however, if you would like to schedule a FREE initial consultation, we could discuss your situation, address your questions and concerns, and define some of the benefits to securing a pre-marital agreement. Keep in mind that some couples opt to have post-marital agreements drafted, which is done after the couple is married. Call today and learn more.