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If you or a loved one is suffering from abuse or harassment, call our office today so we can schedule your free consultation with attorney, Donald B. Griffith. Put an end to the violence and suffering.
Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence
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Don't be a victim of abuse any longer

Love does not hurt. Ever. If you have been suffering abuse at the hands of someone who claims to love you, you need to extract yourself from the situation. We understand that you're frightened. We understand that there may be threats of continued or worsening violence, or even of kidnapping the children. You need to protect yourself, as well as your children, from continuing violence. The most important and immediate action you must take is to call your local police, get you and your children out of danger, and to a place of safety. By taking these initial first steps, you are setting a brave and courageous example not just for yourself, but for your children and others who find themselves in a similar situation.

Get the protection you need when you need it

Your initial consultation is free of charge. Let us help you get the additional court- ordered protection you and your children need. Our professional and courteous staff is here to answer your questions and get you scheduled for an appointment. Donald B. Griffith isn't just an attorney; he's a certified legal specialist of family law. You don't just want, but also need, his 20+ years of experience protecting you. Harassment Domestic violence Physical, mental and verbal abuse Defending and obtaining restraining orders Defending and obtaining property restraints