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Pre-Marital Agreements

Looking out for yourself isn't selfish - it's SMART! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that your property, finances, and investments are protected and remain yours legally, in the event of a dissolution of the relationship or marriage. Pre-marital agreements (”pre-nups”) aren't just applicable to finances and property, but the agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties prior to the marriage taking place.


Ending a marriage is a time of uncertainty and vulnerability When you're going through the process of separation and obtaining a legal divorce, it's a very chaotic, confusing, and stressful process that can have you feeling quite vulnerable and uncertain of the future. You are not alone and making sure that you and your child(ren)'s rights and properties are protected is a very important step in the process.


Are you willing to work together to reach a resolution? If all parties involved are willing to work together to reach a mutual agreement, it may be possible to preserve amicable interaction between both parties, which is a major benefit with cases that involve children. There are many benefits to using mediation to settle your family law dispute or dissolution of your marriage

Child and Spousal Support

Your child(ren) shouldn't be made to suffer Protect your child(ren) from needless suffering because one parent or the other refuses to maintain their financial responsibility to the child(ren) out of spite, malice, or an inability to pay. While both parents are responsible for the loving care and financial support of their offspring resulting from the marriage, the parent who does not have primary custody is the parent who is typically ordered to pay child support.

Child Custody and Visitation

Who will your child(ren) live with? With the dissolution of your marriage, you and your separated spouse need to seriously discuss and establish who the child(ren) is going to live with most of the time. Legal custody must not be confused with physical custody.

Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence

Don't be a victim of abuse any longer Love does not hurt. Ever. If you have been suffering abuse at the hands of someone who claims to love you, you need to extract yourself from the situation. We understand that you're frightened. We understand that there may be threats of continued or worsening violence, or even of kidnapping the children. You need to protect yourself, as well as your children,
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